Harbys Place | Bedouin hospitality and beach huts on south Sinai beach

Tours & Sightseeing

Enjoy camel and jeep trips to the heart of the Sinai desert or to beaches and reefs rarely visited by tourists.

Authentic Bedouin music - performed by local musicians playing the Ud, Simsimiya, Rabbaba, & Darbuka. These parties usually occur spontaneously and everyone around is invited…

Sinai in Winter - a secret of Sinai lovers is the fact that as much as Sinai is awesome in summer – it is spiritually inspiring in winter. A glowing fire place that burns all day (in the evening local incense from the mountains is thrown into it and the smell of the desert and its wonders fills the air) , the red sea is warm enough to swim in and you can happily sun bath during a couple of hours during the day . In the evening the locals gather round the fireplace, dinner is served and the stories and music start under the star filled sky….this is our favorite time of year and you are invited to join us.

Diving and snorkeling - Much of the true enchantment of the Red Sea is hidden just below its surface. Find out more about diving and snorkeling in Sinai here.