Harbys Place | Bedouin hospitality and beach huts on south Sinai beach

Simplicity & Hospitality

Harbys place is a private beach located where the majestic desert mountains of Sinai meet the azure waters of the Red Sea.

Harby's Place operates on two fundamental principles: the Principle of Simplicity and minimal environmental impact, and the Principle of Hospitality - the highest Bedouin virtue.

Guests experience the time-honoured hospitality and culture of the Bedouins in the simple comfort of the Zula. Harby's place aspires for a practical ecological equilibrium and respect to the local Bedouin culture. You are invited to share this unique atmosphere combined with some western comforts like clean lavatories and showers. We encourage you to learn about and share a Sinai experience in your own way - exploring the desert and underwater life, or just relaxing on the beach and soaking it all in with the sun …

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